Thanks to the magic of Twitter and my delusional universe, I *won* free tickets to Tuesday’s Scissor Sisters and Lady Gaga concert! Amazeballs, right?! Truthfully, I was more stoked to see SS- I listen to them almost daily- and am not always impressed by Gaga’s little monsters. Sorry. She’s an amazing positive light in young people’s lives, however some of those little twinks miss the point. Yes, please, have self-love and follow your dreams, but not to the detriment to those around you. Grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. (I would have been the worst little monster a decade ago but now I get to be all judgey and self-righteous because I learned my lesson, damnit.)

Anyway, here’s my shaky recording of Gaga sharing her new song live in concert. Lerv!


Super Bowls

Hey sports fans!
Yeah, not so much here, I’m sure. If you need an excuse for eating wings and day-drinking like it’s church on Sunday, apparently it’s the superbowl. Go team.
If you couldn’t care less (ahem, me), here’s something to look forward to on Monday!


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It Gets Better

I’ve been annoyed with the whole Trevor Project thing for a few reasons. Mainly, I’m not sure that just saying “it gets better” actually makes it better for the people who need it most. [*Note: What the Trevor Project actually has done through all those annoying videos is raise our awareness of their resources. They have amazing services for people struggling including a 24/7 hotline to call, online chat, and Dear Trevor for less urgent matters.  And that’s pretty fabulous.]

Thinking back, when I was down in junior high and thought life sucked and people were assholes and there was no hope for me ever being cool, watching a video of successful, older people saying “it gets better” would have just pissed me off. When does it get better? How does it get better? What can I do right now to make it get better?! Godamnit I want answers!! Exhale, compose. It wasn’t until years later, battling similar feelings in college, that I sought out the TOOLS to deal with those low points. A little faith in the future is helpful, yes. But it’s certainly not a remedy for being down in the dumps.

Things will gradually continue to get better over the next three decades. Things have gotten better over the last three decades. And we will continue to mock, criticize, and praise those advances. Here’s your Friday giggle:




Mondays are back with Ru at the wheel. God, what a weave to start the week of right. Or is that way to start the weave off right? Quite. I’m not going to bother with a blow by blow recap- you can find judgey queens elsewhere. I’m here to focus on the fabulocity.

Drag lesson of the week: Practice what you preach, Sister.

The first queen eliminated left a sweet message on the mirror in red lipstick: “Don’t be shady. Be a lady.” Cute. Love it. Shit, give it a try!

Ru signs off each episode with, “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” She knows that true beauty comes from within and radiates out. Her favorite queens are the ones with enough confidence to overflow on the queens around her. A confident queen does not knock others down to get ahead. She does not claw at others’ hems to stay. She does what she do and trusts that will be enough.

Fabulocity begins with a big heart- not some scrappy attempt to push others down below you.

Can I get an amen?

First Friday

…of 2011! I showered and put on sweats- what.

In case the weekend isn’t enough for you to look forward, our darling Britney is releasing her new single on Tuesday followed by a new album in March- squeeeeeal!


Play while reading:

Two thousand eleven. “So this is the New Year. I don’t feel any different.” Trust- I’m glad to be rid of 2010- I think I officially hit bottom hours before it was all over. But how does a new calendar create a new beginning? Oh, and I hate January. It’s always such a bummer of a month. Except for the time Little Boy and I went to Cancun. That was the best January every. Until we came home… sigh, always. I don’t know- I’m exceptionally against the new year this year. I think I’m going to ignore the Gregorian calendar and wait it out for the lunar new year, when my life should hypothetically be more stable. Then I’ll really be able to celebrate.

In the mean time, I guess I’ll just continue to do what I do best: ignore reality and immerse myself in glitter and rainbows.

Happy 2011.



Happy holidaze!

This year, I’m practicing “wwjd”- what would Jews do- on Christmas. Here’s for you and yours.

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